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I would like to say that it was the best presentation I have seen to date on the nexus of climate change and oil depletion.
~ Justin R.


Here are some things that Stuart has written. The bottom section, Stu's Notes, has summaries that Stuart has created of (usually) interesting books.

Co-authored with David Hughes, this is a peer-reviewed paper on the dual challenges of climate change and peak oil, looking at how we can change our urban transportation practices in response. This is the companion paper to the presentation, "Oil, That Is", available on the Presentations page.

For those of you (admittedly few in number) who are looking at a traffic projection or estimate for a proposed transportation project, and wondering if it's realistic or not, this peer-reviewed paper is for you. This is the companion paper to the presentation of the same name, available on the Presentations page.

Written for the City of Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada, this report provides an introduction to "peak oil": the concept that oil reserves are finite, and therefore annual production must inevitably go into permanent decline.

Stu's Notes

This started out as a collection of personal notes. They are provided here in the hope that they will help you pick some books that you'd like to read in full.

David C. Korten. Corporate power leads to environmental destruction and social injustice.

James Howard Kunstler. Better cities are higher-density, mixed-use, pedestrian-oriented.

David Suzuki & Holly Dressel. Magnitude and causes of environmental destruction.

Peter Newman & Jeffrey Kenworthy. Improving urban sustainability by tackling auto dependence.

J. H. Crawford. Detailed plan for building a car-free city.

Alan Durning. Policies to improve sustainability in a North American context.

Richard Heinberg. Severe societal disruption resulting from peak in global oil production.

Paul Roberts. Excellent and balanced exploration of peaking of global oil production from multiple perspectives.

Linda McQuaig. Lively look at oil, climate, politics, consumption, efficiency, oil industry, terrorism.

J. R. McNeill. Thorough catalogue of environmental changes of the 20th century, brought on by unaware humans.

Ronald Wright. Characteristics of our civilization that will lead to collapse, unless we change: wonderfully written.

Steve Keen. Describes numerous irrational assumptions in economic theory.

George Monbiot. Action plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 90% per capita, by 2030.

Mark Jaccard. We should continue to use fossil fuels.

Terry Tamminen. Negative impacts of oil on our society.

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